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EndNote, RefWorks, Mendeley, and Zotero

This guide offers basic help for using various citation management systems in addition to answering frequently asked questions and providing NYU-specific information.


Groups make it easy to break a large library into subsets for later viewing. A group simply points to a subset of references that already exist in the library. A single reference can exist in multiple groups.

1. In EndNote, go to the ‘Groups’ menu and select ‘Create Group’.

2. Your new group will appear on the right pane of your EndNote library.

3. Drag-and-drop to copy individual references into a group. Click on group name to view references in that group.

screenshot displaying EndNote library with Groups menu highlighted at top of screen

Smart Groups

Smart Groups use search criteria to dynamically update groups as existing references are edited or new references are added to the library. To create a Smart Group: go to the Groups menu, choose Create Smart Group, and enter desired criteria.

screenshot displaying smart groups highlighted in an EndNote library

Group Sets

Group Sets allows you to bundle your groups together to keep organized.

To create a group set: go to the Groups menu, choose Create Group Set. Drag Groups under Group Set to create hierarchical structure.