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EndNote, RefWorks, Mendeley, and Zotero

This guide offers basic help for using various citation management systems in addition to answering frequently asked questions and providing NYU-specific information.

Word Integration

EndNote is compatible with current versions of Microsoft Word and The MS Word addin will be automatically installed when EndNote is installed. EndNote features should be visible in Microsoft Word as a tab in the commands ribbon (Windows) or as a toolbar (Mac).

Choosing a citation style

1. In MS Word, click on the EndNote tab in the commands ribbon.

2. In the middle block there is a “Style” pull-down menu. If you do not see the style you want, click on “Select Another Style…” to see complete list of styles included in your installation. There are thousands of additional styles available for download on the EndNote website: (See instructions for downloading output styles on this webpage)

You can change citation styles at any point in your writing process. Any added references will update automatically.

screenshot displaying Microsoft Word document with EndNote 20 menu and citation style options highlighted

Cite While You Write - insert references in Word

EndNote works with Microsoft Word to cite references and create a paper with properly formatted citations, bibliography, figures, and tables. EndNote tools are accessible in MS Word on the EndNote ribbon tab (Windows) or the EndNote floating toolbar (Mac).

1. In Microsoft Word, position the cursor in the document where you would like to insert the citation.

2. Go to the EndNote tab (for Windows) or find the EndNote floating toolbar (for Mac) and click on the “Insert Citation” button.

screenshot displaying Word document with EndNote 20 menu and "insert citation" button highlighted

3. Click on lower part of Insert Citation button to either search for a reference in your EndNote Library (Find a citation) or insert the reference(s) you already have selected in EndNote (Insert selected citations).

4. The reference will appear in your document in accordance with the citation style you have selected. You may change the style at any time by using the Style pull-down menu in the EndNote toolbar in MS Word.

screenshot of Word document with EndNote menu highlighted and examples of in text citations and reference list generated from EndNote

To delete references, delete the references in the body of your manuscript (not the reference list at the end of your document).

Convert your manuscript to plain text

In some cases, you may want to convert your manuscript to a plain text document. This is a necessary step for most journal submission processes.

1.In MS Word, go to the EndNote tab. From the tool bar, select “Convert Citations and Bibliography” and then select "Convert to Plain Text". 

screenshot of Word document with EndNote menu and option to convert to plain text highlighted

2.This command will create a new unsaved copy of your document with all EndNote coding removed. References are transformed to regular plain text and you can no longer use EndNote to edit references.

3.Be sure to retain your original document for making changes to your references in the future.

Use EndNote Web with Microsoft Word

Cite-While-You-Write is compatible with both EndNote (desktop) and EndNote Web; however, they cannot be used simultaneously. To use EndNote Web with Microsoft Word, go to the EndNote tab in Word and select Preferences. Under Application tab, select EndNote Web and enter login information.

If you do not have EndNote (desktop) installed on your computer, you must install the Cite-WhileYou-Write Plugin. This plug-in can be downloaded from the EndNote Web website; under the Options tab, click on Download Installers.

CWYW and cloud storage platforms

Note that you can not use the OneDrive version of Microsoft Word to insert and manage EndNote citations.

You can use Google Docs or the locally installed version of Microsoft Word to insert citations.

Documents with inserted citations can be saved in OneDrive but these documents will need to be downloaded to your desktop to be edited with the Cite While You Write feature. 

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