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EndNote, RefWorks, Mendeley, and Zotero

This guide offers basic help for using various citation management systems in addition to answering frequently asked questions and providing NYU-specific information.

Connect to Library holdings

Adding the library’s authentication information will let you connect directly to many of the library’s electronic journals to download full-text articles with EndNote’s Find Full-Text feature.

1. In EndNote, go to the edit menu (Windows) or (Mac) and select Preferences

2. In the Preferences window, select Find Full-Text from the left side column

3. In the Find Full-Text Preferences (right side), check all the boxes and enter the following URLs

  • OpenURL Path: 
  • Authenticate with URL:

screenshot displaying EndNote Preferences with note not to check box that says "automatically invoke Find Full Text"

Generate full or abbreviated journal titles

When formatting bibliographies, publishers will specify when the title should be spelled out in full or abbreviated. EndNote provides a feature, “Term Lists,” that will allow you to import the bulk of medical and science journal titles and abbreviations.

1. Go to “Tools” on the menu and drag to “Open Term Lists.”

2. Click on “Journal Term Lists.”

3. Click on the “Lists” tab and then click on the “Import List . . .” button

4. Navigate to the EndNote folder on your personal computer, open the “Terms” folder, and select the appropriate term lists: Medical, BioScience or other appropriate subject area.

5. When selecting full or abbreviated journals, go to Edit on the main menu, select “output styles,” for the journal you are working with, go to “Journal Names” and select the appropriate format.

Note: if you do not import term lists before importing references, your bibliography may include a mixture of full and abbreviated journal titles in your bibliography. If a title is not indexed in PubMed, it may import as a full title.