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This guide is meant to provide basic information and access to resources on REDCap, a HIPAA compliant, MCIT secured data collection tool available for free at NYU Langone and many other medical institutions.

How to access REDCap

To access REDCap, go to Open REDCap at or Internal REDCap at For all new projects, Open REDCap is strongly recommended as it can be accessed anywhere, while internal REDCap can only be accessed from within the MCIT firewall. Log in with your Kerberos ID (KID) and medical center password.

To sponsor a Kerberos ID for collaborators outside of NYU Langone, including from Washington Square, please put in a request with MCIT.

Training Resources from REDCap and Contact

To access REDCap's training videos, provided by Vanderbilt University, please visit:

REDCap offers extensive FAQs. Please check the Frequently Asked Questions page for information on using REDCap:

The MCIT REDCap administrators offer office hours for technical help on Thursdays from 1:30-2:30 and 3:00-4:00. Please fill out this form to schedule an appointment and help the admin team to prepare:

The Health Sciences Library is also available to answer questions. Please email

Data Core also provides support for clinical study design, on a fee-based model. For more information, please contact:

NYU Health Sciences Library Resources

Here are links to classes held by the NYU Health Sciences Library in February-March 2022:

Getting Started with REDCap

Multi-Arm and Longitudinal Studies in REDCap

Surveys in REDCap

Building Forms Quickly in REDCap 

Importing and Exporting Data in REDCap 

Here are recordings on eConsent

HSL YouTube video on eConsent 

Contact the Health Sciences Library