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AI in Healthcare

A guide introducing artificial intelligence as it applies to healthcare

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Artificial Intelligence companies, notably OpenAI, have gained significant media attention thanks to their generative AI programs. For instance, ChatGPT and Perplexity provides text responses resembling human language, and DALL-E produces almost any kind of image - be it realistic, geometric, or abstract - based on written prompts. However, AI's scope extends beyond language and image-based chatbots. This libguide delves into a wide range of generative AI applications, with a particular emphasis on healthcare and research.


Reminders for NYU Langone Health AI Usage:

Approved AI Tool:  

NYU Langone Health employees should use the designated Azure platform.

Data Security:  

Obtain institutional permissions before adding sensitive data to AI programs.

Avoid Other Tools:  

Do not use chat bots for NYU Langone Health work to ensure data security and ownership.

Explore NYULH:  

Learn How NYU Langone Health Uses Generative AI.