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AI in Healthcare

A guide introducing artificial intelligence as it applies to healthcare

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Artificial Intelligence companies, notably OpenAI, have gained significant media attention thanks to their generative AI programs. For instance, ChatGPT and Perplexity provides text responses resembling human language, and DALL-E produces almost any kind of image - be it realistic, geometric, or abstract - based on written prompts. However, AI's scope extends beyond language and image-based chatbots. This libguide delves into a wide range of generative AI applications, with a particular emphasis on healthcare and research.

For secure options to work with generative AI, try these different ways to work with AI at NYU Langone Health:

  • NYU AI Studio is secure and HIPAA compliant.
  • is secure but is NOT HIPAA compliant, provided you login with your Kerberos ID in the upper right corner. This means that you can use private or proprietary information with copilot if you login with your kerberos, but it cannot be used with HIPAA protected information at any point.

Please share your useful prompts on the NYU Langone Prompt Exchange, a place for sharing prompts with the community and finding new ways to prompt AI systems.

Please remember that it is of utmost importance that any use of generative AI applications be in full compliance with existing policies and the law:

  • You must not use any public generative AI application in connection with or to generate your clinical documentation, such as notes included in the medical record or letters.
  • You must not use any public generative AI application with any protected health information, even if de-identified, or any other legally protected information.
  • You must not use any public generative AI application with any clinical or human subjects research data, even if de-identified.
  • Do not disclose to any public generative AI application any confidential business information.
  • Do not permit any public generative AI application to record or otherwise upload recordings of internal meetings or other non-public NYU Langone activities.
  • Do not rely on any generative AI applications or rely upon results from any generative AI application in your work at NYU Langone Health. You are responsible for independently verifying any generative AI content.

Please keep in mind the following factors:

  • Access to NYU Langone’s generative AI private environment occurs on a rolling basis to ensure a great experience for all users.
  • Access is prioritized based on whether you are part of an innovation/research project, mentored exploration project, or exploration project.
  • Users are notified by email regarding approval of access and must sign a data use agreement and are required to review further information on accessing our managed instance.


Approved AI Tool: See How to Apply for use of our designated NYU Langone GPT platform.
Data Security: Obtain institutional permissions before adding sensitive data to AI programs.
Avoid Other Tools: Do not use chat bots for NYU Langone Health work to ensure data security and ownership.
Explore NYULH:   Learn How NYU Langone Health Uses Generative AI.


For questions about AI at NYU Langone Health, please email: