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Clerkship Bookshelf

Resources geared towards medical students rotating through their clerkships

Evidence-Based Summaries in PubMed

You can use the search string below to search across multiple Evidence-Based Summaries at once in PubMed.

  • ACP Journal Club
  • BMJ Clinical Evidence
  • BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Core Evidence
  • Evidence-Based Child Health
  • Evidence-Based Dentistry
  • Evidence-Based Mental Health
  • Evidence-Based Nursing
  • Evidence-Based Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine

Add the topic you are interested in and AND the concepts below:

((replace this with your topic)) AND (((((annals of internal medicine [journal] AND (review [ti] OR "ACP Journal Club"[ti])) NOT systematic review [pt]))) OR ((("BMJ Evid Based Med"[Journal] OR "J Evid Based Med"[Journal] OR "BMJ Clin Evid"[Journal] OR "Evid Based Child Health"[Journal] OR "Core Evid"[Journal] OR "Evid Based Ment Health"[Journal] OR "Evid Based Nurs"[Journal] OR "Evid Based Dent"[Journal] OR "Clin Evid"[Journal] OR "Evid Based Cardiovasc Med"[Journal] OR "Evid Based Med"[Journal] OR "ACP J Club"[Journal])) AND "comment"[Publication Type]))

Note: Search developed by Joey Nicholson.