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Finding Medical Images

Collections of fair use and copyright-protected medical images for use in professional and academic presentations.

Copyright Note

NOTE: These databases contain copyrighted material. Restrictions for non-educational uses may apply. If you are downloading images from a new or unfamilar website, read the copyright policies first.

General Databases


  • Enter your search terms and select "Images, Video & Audio" from the drop-down menu next to the search bar.


  • Natural, medical and social science images.
  • Enter your search terms and select "Images" from the drop-down menu next to the search bar.

BioDigital Human

  • Virtual anatomy tool. 
  • Requires creation of free account.

Health Education Assets Library (HEAL) Collection:

  • Free-use images for health sciences education.

Images from the History of Medicine:

  • Historical photographs, propoganda, and educational materials.

Lillian & Clarence de la Chapelle Medical Archives:

  • NYULMC's image archives.

Medicine and Madision Avenue:

  • Images of historical medical advertising.

NEJM Images in Clinical Medicine

  • Browse using the filters in the right-hand sidebar.

Yale Image Finder:

  • Searches for images from open access articles in PubMed Central.


  • Free medical images search engine.