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PubMed - an Introduction

An introduction to and guide for using PubMed - from basic research queries to in depth, personalized information discovery.

Exporting Citations to Citation Management Software

To export citations into a citation management software program such as EndNote, Reference Manager, and ProCite:

1. In your search results, use the citation check boxes to select citations. To export all the citations do not select any citations.
2. From Send to, select Citation manager.
3. Import this saved file into your citation management program.

Questions regarding commercial software packages should be directed to the respective companies.

Saving Citations as a Text File

Saving Citations as a Text File:

  1. In your search results, use the citation check boxes to select citations. You may move to other pages to continue your selections. If you do not make any selection, PubMed will save the entire retrieval.
  2. From Send to, select File.
  3. You web browser will prompt you to save the PubMed search results in a file on your computer. 

More information about saving citations to a file:

  • Saving a large retrieval may take several minutes.

  • The default for the send to file feature is to save the entire retrieval unless you select specific citations. For example, if you use send to file for results displaying 1 to 20 of 2,356, your saved file will contain all 2,356 citations.

  • Select format CSV to generate an abbreviated summary citation in a comma separated file.

  • To save citations in HTML format, use the Save as... function of your browser. Change the file extension to html. When saving as HTML, only those citations displayed on the page will be saved; therefor, consider changing the number of items per page.

More Information on Citation Management