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PubMed - an Introduction

An introduction to and guide for using PubMed - from basic research queries to in depth, personalized information discovery.

Save Search Results

There are multiple ways to save your search results.

  • Underneath the search bar on the results page, you will see different options to save the results as a file, email them to yourself, or store them in various locations including a temporary clipboard.

screenshot displaying PubMed "Send to" drop down menu

  • You have the option to save all of the results, all of the results on a given page, or a selection of results.

screenshot displaying options for saving citations to temporary clipboard

  • If you would like to keep track of your results and revisit them later, consider sending them to a citation manager, or creating an NCBI account to store them. 
  • When you’re logged in to your NCBI account, select “collections” from the “send to” menu.

screenshot displaying options for saving collection of results

  • You will be able to access collections at any time from your NCBI dashboard.

screenshot of NCBI dashboard showing saved citation collections