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A collection of information resources related to radiology

Contact OIL

All researchers who create an invention or find a discovery with commercial potential should contact the Office of Industrial Liaison (OIL). More information on inventions can be found on the NYU OIL webpage.

NYU Health Sciences Library Patent Searching Resources

SciFinder Scholar: A database of substances and reactions that includes 30 million references, including patents.  To search for a patent, select the Advanced Search link on the search screen and then check “patent” is checked under “Document Types.” First-time users must create an account with their NYUMC.ORG, NYU.EDU, or NYULANGONE.ORG email addresses. When working offsite, users must use the NYU VPN. Support and training materials are available here.

Reaxys (NYU Net ID required): A database that allows users to search for patents, as well as reactions and substances. To find a patent, search for Literature and include patent as a document type.

Scopus: Scopus allows for users to find related patents to a topic. After searching, if patent results are available, the top of the screen will feature a “View N patent results” link next to the figure for total results. Selecting this will open a window of patent results. Note: this link will not appear if no related patents are hosted in Scopus.

Derwent Innovations Index (Web of Science): The Derwent Innovations Index, provided by Thompson Reuters as part of the Web of Science tools allows for patent searching as well as patent citation information. To use this tool, select “Derwent Innovations Index” from the search dropdown at the top of the Web of Science search page.

General Search Resources and Patent Guides

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: The official government website with information on how to search, and full text (from 1976) and image (from 1790) searching.

New York Public Library Patents Information: Details on the NYPL’s patent services.

Free Patents Online: An online database for searching patents.

Google Patents: A search tool for patents provided by the search engine, Google.

FindLaw Patents Search: A legal guide on patents that hosts information on patenting inventions and ideas.