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Health Literacy and Patient Education

This guide was created for health professionals who have an interest in health literacy, patient education and making healthcare information understandable to all. It provides links to books and journals, as well as other quality sources.

Start Here

The Health Literacy Online Guide is a good starting point. The guide is designed to be a quick and easy reference, filled with facts, definitions, helpful tips, checklists, and resources you can use on the job.  It contains factsheets, strategies, and resources. Created by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Health Literacy and Patient Education

When none of the vendor sources meet the patient's education needs, try:

Best Practice and Guidelines

Patient Education Resources in the EHR at NYU Langone Health

  • StayWell is the first choice for patient education at NYU Langone Health for clinicians and other patient educators.  This content is only available in EPIC via the Clinical References tab and can be attached to a patient's After Visit Summary (AVS).  All  custom content created by NYU Langone clinician authors is integrated into StayWell.  (Anything with "(NYULH)" at the end of the title denotes our custom content.
  •  Lexicomp is another vetted, reliable source for patient education content. A comprehensive resource of clinical information and tools, Lexicomp also offers patient education sheets and is particularly good for med sheets in other languages.  See the "Patient Education" tab on the homepage. Lexicomp is available from the library's website here. Those with Epic access can also find it in the MAR.