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Basic Science Toolkit

This toolkit was created for researchers working in basic science at NYU Langone Health. It provides information on accessing literature offsite, finding grants, utilizing research and publication-tracking tools, and locating protocols.

Finding Articles

Access Journal Articles on iPhone/iPad

  1. Using Safari on your iPad or iPhone, copy the text below by tapping and holding, then choosing "Select all" and "Copy."


  2. In Safari, create a bookmark (Icon to the left of the URL box)

  3. Rename the Bookmark: "NYUHSL Full-text Access" and select Save

  4. Click on your Bookmarks Manager (Icon to the right of the URL box) and select Edit

  5. Select the new bookmark you just created titled "NYUHSL Full-text Access"

  6. Delete the URL that is in the box and paste in the code that you originally copied

  7. Whenever you are on a journal website or article webpage, select the "NYUHSL Full-text Access" bookmark and you will be able to access the full text.

Access Journal Articles in Browser

Reload via NYUHSL

  1. Drag the Reload via NYUHSL button to your web browser's bookmarks toolbar.
  2. When viewing an article or journal (off campus), click the Reload via NYUHSL bookmark in your toolbar to login to the NYU Health Sciences Libraries and access the full-text (if NYUHSL has a subscription). This works with Firefox, Safari and Chrome (WATCH INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO).
  3. For instructions on how to install the bookmarklet in Internet Explorer, watch this instructional video.

Access Journal Articles using Papers

Access journal articles in Papers using the following steps:

For Windows: Open the Access Options tab

For Mac: Open the Preferences tab

Once you've accessed the above options, select New York University - School of Medicine. You will now have access to full-text articles.

For iPad/iPhone:

Go to Settings and copy and paste the URL below into the Proxy Settings option: