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This guide is meant to provide basic information and access to resources on REDCap, a HIPAA compliant, MCIT secured data collection tool available for free at NYU Langone and many other medical institutions.

Video Tutorials for Setting Up a MyCap Project

These four videos provide an introduction to setting up a MyCap project in REDCap. The four videos address why one would use MyCap, a health-tracking app that connects directly to a REDCap database. MyCap is now integrated into NYU Langone REDCap projects without needing an external module and allows study participants to download an app and enter their information. It is helpful for things like health diaries or behavior tracking, especially when it is uncertain how many times users may fill out a form.

Part one provides information on how to set up a MyCap project.

Part two discusses how to add customization to the app experience, including study logos, contact information and adding an "about us" page.

Part three discusses how to add study participants to a MyCap study.

Part four looks at the user's experience on the app.