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LitKits: Book Discussion Sets

Klara and the Sun

Klara and the Sun is the 2022-2023 NYU Reads title.  NYU Reads brings the NYU community together around a single common reading experience.

LitKits: Book Sets for Discussions in Your Department/Unit

LitKits are book discussion sets available for check out through NYU Health Sciences Library. Each LitKit contains multiple copies of the same book and a discussion guide to help generate questions and discussion.  These book discussion sets are meant to be used within NYU Langone Health (all campuses and location) for departments, units, and internal communities to self-lead discussions and build connections with one another. 

How do I borrow a book set? 
1. Stop by the Lapidus Health Sciences Library information desk (9am-4pm) or
2. Follow this link to 'Request this item' through our Document Delivery Service.  Once your request is processed, come to the Lapidus Library Information desk to pick up the book set from our Amazon-style locker.

To borrow a LitKit discussion set, please:

  • Identify discussion leaders.
  • Develop a time frame that works for your group. (You can discuss a book in entirety or a few chapters at at time.)
  • Decide how to meet - in person, online or a combination?
  • Return the materials in a timely way to the library so that others may borrow.

Contact the library if you have questions or if you would like someone to help lead the conversation with your group.

Klara and the Sun