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Nursing Certifications

Certification Contacts

For more information or clarification about the certification process or requirements, contact the representative for your campus.

  • Brooklyn
  • Langone Orthopedics
  • Long Island
  • Tisch/Kimmel

NYU Langone Health Nursing honors recognized Magnet Certifications.

Sources for CE, Certification and EBP

Nursing Certification Review Books (general)

Click here to discover nursing certification review books in the NYUHSL collection.

Certifying Organizations

American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)

  • Ambulatory Care Nursing Certification (AMB-BC)
  • Cardiac Vascular Nursing Certification (CV-BC)
  • Gerontological Nursing Certification (GERO-BC)
  • Informatics Nursing Certification (RN-BC®)
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification (MEDSURG-BC)
  • Nurse Executive Certification (NE-BC®)
  • Nurse Executive, Advanced Certification (NEA-BC®)
  • Nursing Case Management Certification (CMGT-BC)
  • Nursing Professional Development Certification (NPD-BC)
  • Pain Management Nursing Certification (PMGT-BC)
  • Pediatric Nursing Certification (PED-BC)
  • Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Certification (PMH-BC)

The Competency & Credentialing Institute

  • Certified Ambulatory Surgery Nurse (CNAMB)
  • Certified Foundational Perioperative Nurse (CFPN)
  • Certified Perioperative Nurse (CNOR)
  • Certified Surgical Services Manager (CSSM)
  • Nursing Professional Development Advanced – Board Certified (NPDA-BC)

Specialty Organizations