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PubMed - an Introduction

An introduction to and guide for using PubMed - from basic research queries to in depth, personalized information discovery.

Cited Reference Searching in PubMed

If you find an article that is highly relevant to your topic, consider reviewing the references list for additional articles.

  • Scroll down to “References” within an article record. Each reference will include a PubMed link that you can follow to find the referenced article.

screenshot of a list of references in a PubMed article record

  • Some records will also include PubMed links to other articles that have cited them.

screenshot of list of "cited by" references in a PubMed article record

Find Similar Articles

The “find similar articles” feature in an article’s record will pull up a list of related articles. This list is algorithmically generated based on the title, abstract, and MeSH terms of given articles.

screen shot of list of "similar articles" from a PubMed article record