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November 2023 Collection Updates

by Beverley English-Baptiste on 2023-12-20T13:32:00-05:00 | 0 Comments

Collection Updates 
November 2023 


  • Hall, Schmidt and Wood’s Principles of Critical Care, 5th edition, 2023, ISBN: 9781264264360
  • American Psychiatric Association Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Patients with Eating Disorders, 4th edition, 2023, ISBN: 9780890425855
  • DSM-5-TR® Clinical Cases, 2023, ISBN: 9781615373611
  • Dulcan’s Textbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 3rd edition, 2021, ISBN: 9781615374809
  • Gabbard’s Textbook of Psychotherapeutic Treatments, 2nd edition, 2023, ISBN: 9781615373260
  • Study Guide to Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: A Companion to Dulcan’s Textbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 2nd Edition, 2018, ISBN: 9781615372003
  • Study Guide to Psychiatry: A Companion to the American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Psychiatry, 7th Edition, 2022, ISBN: 9781615374786
  • The American Psychiatric Association Practice Guideline for the Pharmacological Treatment of Patients with Alcohol Use Disorder, 2018, ISBN: 9781615371969
  • The American Psychiatric Association Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Patients with Schizophrenia, Third Edition, 2021, ISBN: 9780890424841
  • The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Forensic Psychiatry, 3rd edition, 2018; ISBN: 9781615371914
  • The American Psychiatric Association Publishing textbook of geriatric psychiatry, 6th edition, 2023, ISBN: 9781615375196
  • The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Substance Use Disorder Treatment, 2021, ISBN: 9781615373970
  • The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Suicide Risk Assessment and Management, 3rd Edition, 2020, ISBN: 9781615372232
  • Pre-medicine: the complete guide for aspiring doctors, 2023, ISBN: 9781684205097
  • A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns, 2018, ISBN: 9781620105009
  • Precision Nutrition: the science and promise of personalized nutrition and health, 2023, ISBN: 9780443156182
  • Biochemistry of Collagens, Laminins and Elastin: structure, function and biomarkers, 3rd edition, 2023, ISBN: 9780443156175
  • Mindfulness For the Wandering Mind: Life-Changing Tools for Managing Stress and Improving Mental Health at Work and In Life, 2023, ISBN: 9781663732811
  • Learning Experience Design Essentials, 2023, ISBN: 9781953946423
  • The Leader's Guide to Managing Risk: A Proven Method to Build Resilience and Reliability, 2023, ISBN: 9781400243808
  • How to Have Antiracist Conversations: Embracing Our Full Humanity to Challenge White Supremacy, 2023, ISBN: 9781523003761
  • Compassionate Accountability: How Leaders Build Connection and Get Results, 2023, ISBN: 9781523004560
  • Designing Transformative Experiences: A Toolkit for Leaders, Trainers, Teachers, and Other Experience Designers, 2023, ISBN: 9781523002658
  • The Next Economy MBA: Redesigning Business for the Benefit of All Life, 2022, ISBN: 9781523002603
  • Choose Your WoW!: A Disciplined Agile Approach to Optimizing Your Way of Working, 2nd edition, 2022, ISBN: 9781628257649
  • The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World, 2023, ISBN: 9781469080673
  • Who is the new how: strategies to find, recruit, and create the best teams, 2023, ISBN: 9781119899075
  • The Unlocked Leader: dare to free your own voice, lead with empathy, and shine your light in the world, 2024, ISBN: 9781394152971
  • Coach Yourself!: increase awareness, change behavior, and thrive, 2024, ISBN: 9781119931478
  • Systems Engineering Handbook: a guide for system life cycle processes and activities, 2023, ISBN: 9781119814306
  • Abundance Leaders: creating energy, joy, and productivity in an unsettled world, 2023, ISBN: 9781394178506
  • Reimagine Inclusion: debunking 13 myths to transform your workplace, 2023 ISBN: 9781394177189
  • The 5 disciplines of Inclusive Organizations: how diverse and equitable enterprises will transform the world, 2023, ISBN: 9781523003860
  • The Equity Mindset: designing human spaces through journeys, reflections, and practices,2024 ISBN: 9781394152209
  • HTML, CSS, & JavaScript all-in-one for Dummies, 2023, ISBN: 9781394164684
  • Google Anthos in Action: manage hybrid and multicloud Kubernetes clusters, 2023, ISBN: 9781633439573
  • The Retention Revolution:7 surprising (and very human!) ways to keep employees connected to your company, 2023, ISBN: 9781638413936
  • Can your customer service do this?: create an anticipatory customer experience that builds loyalty forever, ISBN: 978163841389
  • Our Planet Powered by AI: how we use artificial intelligence to create a sustainable future for humanity, 2023, ISBN: 9781663732910
  • Intentional Power: the 6 essential leadership skills for triple bottom line impact: 2023, ISBN: 9781663732934
  • Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader, 2023, ISBN: 9781663731753
  • The End of Leadership As We Know It: what it takes to lead in Today's volatile and complex world, 2023, ISBN: 9781663729439
  • Untapped Leadership: harnessing the power of underrepresented leaders, 2023, ISBN: 9798350835496
  • She Believed She Could: show up, shine bright, and achieve abundant success, 2023, ISBN: 9781663730398
  • Move Fast & Fix things: the trusted leader's guide to solving hard problems, 2023, ISBN: 9798890593443
  • Introduction to Probability Models, 2014, ISBN: 9780123756879
  • New Approaches Towards Novel Antibacterial Agents, vol. 60, 2023, ISBN: 9780443137112
  • Consumer Neuroscience, 2023, ISBN: 9780443135811
  • Small Animal Critical Care Medicine, 2023, ISBN: 9781455703067
  • S-scheme Heterojunction Photocatalysts: fundamentals and applications, 2023. ISBN: 9780443187872
  • Multi-criteria Decision-making for Renewable Energy: methods, applications, and challenges, 2024, ISBN: 9780443133893
  • Rehabilitation Robots for Neurorehabilitation in High, Low, and Middle-Income Countries: current.
  • practice, barriers, and future directions, 2023, ISBN: 9780323919357
  • Oxygen, Nitrogen and Sulfur Species in Post-harvest Physiology of Horticultural Crops, 2024, ISBN: 9780323986472
  • Otologic and Lateral Skull Base Trauma, 2024, ISBN: 9780323874854
  • Synthetic Strategies in Carbohydrate Chemistry, 2024, ISBN: 9780323917292
  • Feldman and Pike's Vitamin D. Volume one, Biochemistry, Physiology and Diagnosis, 2023, ISBN: 9780323913386
  • Feldman and Pike's Vitamin D. Volume two, Health, Disease and Therapeutics, 2023, ISBN: 9780323913867
  • Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology [0255-0857] via Sciencedirect is available from 2001-current.
  • Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine [2768-3605] via Liebert is available from 1995-current.
  • Emergency Medicine Journal [1472-0205] via BMJ is available from 1984-current.
  • Diagnosis [2194-802X] via DE_GRUYTER_JOURNALS is available from 2014-current.


  • Annals of Internal Medicine [0003-4819] via AMERICAN_COLLEGE_OF_PHYSICIANS_ASIM is now available from 1993-current.
  • Journal of Nursing Scholarship [1527-6546] via Wiley is now available from 1967-current.


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