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Citation Metrics

Journal impact factor, h-index for authors, citation tracking, and faculty bibliography

How to find an author's RCR

  1. Go to PubMed
  2. Search for your name by author (Ex: Smith AC OR Smith Alan C)
  3. Select relevant articles
  4. Click on Send to:
  • Choose Destination: File
  • Format: PMID List
  • Create File: This will download a file called "pubmed_result.txt" containing up to 5000 PubMed IDs to whichever folder is the default save location for this browser. Generally, this is in the user's "Download" folder. 

PubMed Filter

         5.Go to and launch iCite

         6. Upload or copy/paste the PMID results list

         7. Click "Process"


  • A maximum of 200 PMIDs may be queried at a time.
  • The iCite database currently contains publications published between 1995 and 2014. 
  • A paper that appeared in a journal not indexed in one of iCite's data sources (PubMed Central Open Access Subset, European PubMed Central, CrossRef, or Web of Science) will not be retrieved.
  • For more information, see iCite's Help section.