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Scientific Writing

Provides resources for writing journal articles, posters, and presentations.

Publishers and journals categorized as "predatory" employ questionable practices with the goal of profiting from scientific research while ignoring academic and ethical standards for the publication of scholarly work.

Some common practices of these "predatory" journals include:

  • Emailed invitations to submit an article
    • Look out for typos, misspellings, and awkward language
  • Unprofessional website appearance
    • Does the site include a detailed "About Us" section?
    • Are policies for author submissions and peer review well-explained?
  • Lack of Editors or dubious information on its Editorial Board
    • Do you recognize the names on the editorial board, are their affiliations accurate?

Click here to use our 5 question checklist to evaluate a journal before submitting a manuscript for publication.

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