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NYU Health Sciences Library: Robbins Library (LOH Branch)

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Procedure to Scan on the Lanier 5054

Scan and Email (printing or photocopying are not available)

1. Check for any previous settings. If there are any, press the [Clear Modes] key to reset the machine.
2. Tap the E-mail tab on the control panel screen.
3. If you have multiple pages to scan, place them face up in the autofeed tray. For single-page scanning, follow the instructions for "Using the Glass Platen" below.
4. Choose Manual Entry and enter the recipient's email address, then press OK. If you want to save your email address for future use, see the steps for "Programming Email" below.
5. Press the [Start] key to initiate scanning and sending the document via email.

Using the Glass Platen:

1. Place the page face down on the glass platen, aligning it with the upper left corner.
2. Access Settings and select Scan Size, then choose 8 ½ x 11.
3. Press the Start button located on the control panel's lower right to start scanning.
4. After scanning all the pages from a document (e.g., a book chapter), press "#" to send the document to your email.

Programming Email:
1. Select the Prg. Dest. button.
2. Next to the Email Address field, click the Change button.
3. Enter your email address and press OK.
4. Click the Names button, then select Name Change, and press OK. Provide a name for the email address (the display will automatically update with the name you entered).
5. Press OK to save the changes.
6. Under the Email tab on the control panel, find and click the Frequent button.
7. Use the scroll arrows located on the lower right of the display to find and select your name.
8. Press the [Start] key to send the document automatically.

After your email is sent, the machine will reset itself after 60 seconds of non-use. Please note that your document is not saved in the machine.