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This guide is for practicing nurses, nurse educators, nurse practitioners, nursing administrators and students of nursing who are working in a clinical practice. This guide supports clinical decision making, research, and professional development.

1. Meta-analysis (Start here.)

Filtered evidence appraises the quality of studies, synthesizes evidence and often make recommendations for practice. Filtered evidence includes the types of literature described in Boxes 1-4 such as:

  • Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses 
  • Critically Appraised Topics
  • Critically Appraised Individual Articles

2. Meta-analysis from PubMED

Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses are searchable in individual databases.

PubMed tip: Medical Subject Headings (MESH) for the concept of practice guideline or standard include:

  • practice guideline as topic
  • practice guideline (publication type)
  • meta-analysis as topic, 
  • meta-analyses (publication type), and
  • standard of care

NYU Langone Patient Care Standards

Includes links to internal PROCESS and STRUCTURE standards at NYU Langone Health. Access requires NYU affiliation (ID/password). Special access to Joint Commission manuals is offered through the Regulatory Department.

3. Meta-analysis from CINAHL

CINAHL Plus is a database focused on literature related to nursing and allied health topics. There a number of ways to refine and focus yoru search.  Using the Advanced Search feature displays a range of limits such as:

1- Research Article
2- Evidence-Based Practice
3- Publication Type, including:

  • Evidence-Based Care Sheets
  • Practice Guidelines
  • Randomized Control Trial
  • Systematic Review

4. Critically Appraised Topics

Authors of critically appraised topics evaluate and synthesize multiple research studies.