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Evidence-based Medicine to Evidence-based Public Health

Two integrated frameworks demonstrating how to translate evidence-based practice (a clinical approach) to evidence-based public health.

Searching for the Public Health Evidence

Depending on the type of question, there are several tools that will address answer your question.  Bibliographic databases, data sets, government organizations' sites, and so much more.

Critical Thinking Tips

1.  Before beginning your search, think about how much literature you expect to find on the topic.  This will help as you construct your search, and prompt you to reach out to a librarian.

  • Finding too little information? This is known as a gap in the literature. 
  • Finding too much?  Think about limiting your search by filters that are important.  Current five years, may not be the best limit.  Think about age groups, or specific populations. 

Getting Started Searching

Getting Started Searching


Pre-Digested Evidence-Based Sources (see Health Measurements & Indicators tab)



Scholarly Bibliographic Databases:  it is important to consider the Public Health domain to determine the most appropriate databases



Grey Literature and Other Resources