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Nursing Research and Education Librarian

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Lita Anglin, MSIS
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Center for Innovations in the Advancement of Care
Greenberg Hall, SC1-134
(212) 263-2519


by Lita Anglin - Last Updated Nov 2, 2017
This guide was created for physicians, nurses, clinicians and researchers working in oncology. It contains links to journals, books, guidelines and organizational websites with information to support clinical decision making and patient care.
Tags: cancer, cancer genetics, cytogenetics, genetics, genome, genomics, mutagenesis, oncogenomics, oncology, translational science
Care Coordination
by Lita Anglin, Sallie Willcox - Last Updated Nov 24, 2017
This guide is for hospital-based nurses and social workers specializing in care management, care coordination or transitions of care.
by Lita Anglin - Last Updated Nov 2, 2017
This guide is for clinicians specializing in working with older adults in a hospital setting. It provides key websites, books, journals and professional sources to support clinicians who specialize in geriatrics and caring for the elderly.
Tags: aged, aging, aging statistics, brain aging, elderly, geriatrics, gerontology, health, nursing
Health Literacy and Patient Education
by Lita Anglin, Sallie Willcox - Last Updated Oct 20, 2017
This guide was created for health professionals who have an interest in health literacy, patient education and making healthcare information understandable to all. It provides links to books and journals, as well as other quality sources.
Tags: consumer health, health literacy, patient education
Integrative Health
by Lita Anglin - Last Updated Oct 20, 2017
This guide is a collection of evidence-based and current awareness information resources related to integrative health topics such as acupuncture, massage, yoga, herbs and supplements and other integrative modalities.
Tags: acupuncture, alternative medicine, aromatherapy, complementary, herb-drug interactions, herbal, herbs, holistic, integrative, massage therapy, natural medicine, supplements, therapeutic touch, wellness
by Lita Anglin - Last Updated Nov 24, 2017
This guide is for practicing nurses, nurse educators, nurse practitioners, nursing administrators and students of nursing who are working in a clinical practice. This guide supports clinical decision making, research, and professional development.
Tags: allied health, clinical guidelines, clinical tools, evidence-based practice, health, medicine, meta-analysis, nursing, nursing practice, nursing research, practice guidelines, rehabilitation, standards
by Lita Anglin - Last Updated Nov 2, 2017
This guide is for physicians, nurses and clinical staff supporting pediatric patient care at NYU Langone Health and affiliated communities. The purpose of this guide is to provide easy access to quality sources that may aid clinical decision making.
Tags: child, children, clinical tools, consumer health, evidence-based practice, impact factor, journals, lab values, maternal child health, neonatology, newborn, patient education, pediatric residency, pediatrics, peds
Zika Virus
by Lita Anglin, Rich McGowan - Last Updated Nov 9, 2017
This guide provides links to quality biomedical information sources related about the Zika virus. It is for clinicians, epidemiologists, and specialists in infection control and disease prevention.
Tags: epidemiology, flavivirus, infectious disease, medical entomology, population health, zika fever, zika virus, zika virus infection