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This guide is for physicians, nurses and clinical staff supporting pediatric patient care at NYU Langone Health and affiliated communities. The purpose of this guide is to provide easy access to quality sources that may aid clinical decision making.

Access Pediatrics

AccessPediatrics is a collection of resources that provides medical students, pediatrics residents, and practicing pediatricians with a broad range of content for pediatric practice.  Core topics and a number of electronic textbooks are available through the platform.

Pediatric Journals, Titles by Impact Factor

Pediatrics eBooks

Click here for general Pediatrics eBooks titles.

If you can't find a book you need, please ask!

Click here for Pediatrics-related eBooks in our collection.

Cardiology Ophthalmology
Critical Care Oncology
Dermatology Orthopedics
Endocrinology Otolaryngology
Gastroenterology Pain
Hematology Pulmonology
Imaging Rheumatology
Nephrology Surgery
Neurology Urology
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