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Liaison Program

This guide describes the library's Liaison Program, including the groups supported by the program, goals of the program, support provided by liaisons, and service tiers.

Program Goals


1. Improve selected Langone Medical Center department and/or group's knowledge management by assigning a librarian to focus on their needs in order to support NYU Langone's missions of patient care, research, and education.

2. Increase the library's understanding of our users by formally and informally assessing their knowledge management needs to refine and improve resource and service offerings.

3. Strengthen the relationship between the library and our users by providing a “face of the library” for selected departments and/or groups in order to improve communication with users.

Intended Outcomes:

·         Identification of new roles for librarians in research and clinical teams, and curricular support.

·         Development of new methods of demonstrating the impact of librarian support for our users.

·         Increased awareness of the impact of librarian expertise and library resources and services due to deanonymized librarian support.

·         Improve and enhance librarian skills.

·         Better codification of levels of support to our user communities.