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Liaison Program

This guide describes the library's Liaison Program, including the groups supported by the program, goals of the program, support provided by liaisons, and service tiers.

Possible Liaison Librarian Activities

This list identifies possible activities and/or support liaison librarians may provide to their assigned user communities. Individual liaison librarians will identify activities making sense in the context of their users' needs, other duties, and personal work style.

Initial Introduction

  • Meet with department chair, or other group leader to learn about department or group, discuss goals of liaison program, and seek guidance of effective communication strategies
  • Contact department or group members with email introducing yourself and describing service 

Information Gathering

  • Continue to meet regularly with department chair or group leader to learn about current plans, seek feedback on the liaison program effectiveness, and develop action plan
  • Attend departmental/group meetings or other department/group gathering
  • Review department/group website and goals
  • Review TTX questions to identify information needs
  • Review broader user needs surveys/analysis
  • Conduct informal surveys to identify user needs and information gaps
  • Attend and/or participate in departmental/group symposia, research seminars and lecture
  • Serve on a departmental/group task force or committee
  • Review curriculum
  • Audit or attend a class in the liaison subject area


  • Ask to have name added to departmental/group e-mail distribution lists
  • Create email distribution list(s) for information sharing
  • Prepare and distribute targeted library information news updates
  • Create and maintain subject or group-interest LibGuide
  • Work to include link to LibGuide from department/group websites and/or course management sites
  • Write a feature or column for departmental or group newsletter
  • Meet with departmental/group faculty and staff
  • Provide office hours on site

Information Sharing

  • Send information packets to new faculty
  • Schedule individual orientation meetings with new faculty
  • Schedule demonstrations of relevant electronic products
  • Provide relevant instructional sessions on topic of interest

Data Management 

  • Provide guidance in complying with data sharing policies
  • Assist in locating external datasets
  • Help writie a data management plan

Collection Development

  • Receive and refer resource requests
  • Perform a scan of electronic resources in the subject or program area and recommend and assist with assessment of potential resources for review/trial

Program Development

  • Perform a scan of the profession with regard to potential liaison activities for this area
  • Establish a liaison partnership with another library faculty or staff member 

New Directions

  • Work with department, group, or campus administrators to insure information literacy is fully incorporated into the curriculum
  • Establish a teaching partnership with faculty member
  • Teach a course or a course component in a department/program class
  • Establish a research partnership with a member of the liaison departments or programs
  • Partner on a research grant
  • Develop or help develop an interactive learning module
  • Work to identify a part-time or full-time office location with your department or group


List based in part on Emporia State University's Library Liaison Program Potential Activities list.